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24-03-2019 | New Project | Event report | P2Hydrogen

Developing the electrolysis value chain to meet the opportunities of future hydrogen demand

On Tuesday, March 12, VoltaChem hosted the workshop ' Developing the supply chain for electrolyzers' at ECN∙TNO in Petten. It provided an outlook on the business opportunities for the European industry in the developing hydrogen market, and on the challenges to overcome in developing water electrolysis technology - especially regarding PEM electrolyzers. Some thirty participants from materials, technology and component suppliers had travelled to Petten, defying the chilly and windy March weather. They met in an open, collaborative atmosphere that spawned fruitful and stimulating discussion.

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09-01-2019 | Program update | Event report

‘When electrons power molecules’ congress; shows readiness for the next level in electrification!

On December 13th, 2018 an interesting international blend of participants of the chemical industry, energy sector and technology suppliers like researchers, business & site managers, R&D managers, business developers, technical suppliers and policymakers joined the Voltachem Annual Event at the Industry & Energy Congress: ‘When Electrons Power Molecules'. This event - in cooperation with Industrielinqs and FME - offered a program built around next-generation industrial electrification, needed to reduce the carbon footprint of the chemical industry. It showed, the industry is ready for the next step.

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05-11-2018 | Event report | P2Fuels | P2Chemicals

Workshop Power-2-Fuels: ”Fuel for thought”; a promising start by connecting perspectives

On September 6th Voltachem organized together with SmartPort and TNO the workshop Power-2-Fuels: “Fuel for thought”. This workshop, taking place in Delft, aimed to set the stage for the topic of Power-to-Fuels and see what role these fuels could play in the different transport sectors: heavy road transport, shipping, and aviation. Together with 19 different companies, ranging from fuel producers to main ports and end users, the opportunities for these fuels were established. It became clear that "Power-2-Fuels is crucial for the future of shipping and aviation" but that clear steps towards application are still lacking.

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03-06-2018 | Event report | P2Fertilizers

Inspiring Ammonia plant of the Future workshop at the NH3 event

On 17th May at an inspiring location in the Rotterdam Zoo, VoltaChem organized a back-casting session at the 2nd European Power to Ammonia Conference; the NH3 event. During this session, the nearly 75 participants worked together in small groups on one of the two extreme scenarios of a future ammonia plant in the year 2050. Each team, delivered in only a short time an interesting timeline with many impressive results and actionable ideas.

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11-01-2018 | Event report | P2Fuels | P2Chemicals

e-Refinery symposium; towards CO2 neutral chemicals and energy

On 18 December, the first symposium on e-Refinery in which sustainable electricity forms the basis for a decarbonized economy, was held at TU Delft, organized in collaboration with VoltaChem. Approximately 170 researchers, representatives of companies, and other interested parties were present in Delft to discuss the challenges and ideas about accelerating technical breakthroughs in e-refinery, the electrocatalytic production of base chemicals and fuels. In the laboratory, the individual steps of the e-Refinery are already possible. You can convert water into hydrogen on an industrial scale, with the help of electric current: oxygen is produced on one electrode, on the other hydrogen, used as fuel and raw material. But further steps are needed, such as the conversion of carbon dioxide into fuels and other organic chemical feedstock. Or, for example, coupling hydrogen with nitrogen to form ammonia. However, the Technology Readiness Levels for industrial applications of these processes are still far too low. With 2050 in mind, the key question is how do we bring these processes - as quickly as possible - to practice?

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