Power-2-Fuels: New innovation project brings application of e-fuels closer

30-09-2019 | Event report | P2Fuels

Power-2-Fuels: New innovation project brings application of e-fuels closerTogether with 9 partners from the industry and mobility sectors, VoltaChem, TNO, SmartPort, and Deltalinqs have recently started the Power-2-Fuels innovation project. During the kick-off on 30 September 2019) all parties involved were present. In this project the demand for synthetic fuels from an end-user perspective will be analyzed, applicable technologies will be compared and a design for possible future value chains and associated stakeholders will be drafted. It is envisioned that, based on the results of this project, an innovation program will be initiated that addresses the main technical and non-technical hurdles for bringing e-fuels into large scale application.

Regional innovation Program

The production of synthetic fuels from renewable energy is an important solution direction for decarbonizing different transport modalities (road transport, shipping, aviation). However, there are still many uncertainties about the status of the technology, the future availability of renewable energy and feedstocks and the necessary changes in value chains and regulatory frameworks. Therefore, VoltaChem, Smartport, and Deltalinqs have decided to bring together relevant stakeholders and initiate a project identifying the core challenges and formulate an adoption roadmap for implementation of the technology. This will be done through extensive literature research and through workshops with the logistics sector, technology providers and knowledge institutes. With the results in hand, it is planned to develop a regional innovation program for the coming years to accelerate the development and implementation of e-fuels.

The activities of the Power-2-Fuels project are: 

  • Comparing and prioritizing Power-2-X fuels in different logistics applications and identifying necessary technology developments from the current state-of-the-art going forward.
  • Describing the (future) value chains and opportunities for new “value cases”.
  • Analyzing the hurdles for large scale application of Power-2-X fuels and developing an adoption roadmap to get to the desired situation.
  • Define an innovation program, addressing technical and non-technical activities that tackle the hurdles described in the adaption roadmap.

Open Workshop

Interested stakeholders can participate in the open Power-2-Fuels workshop on Wednesday, October 30th from 9:00-13:00 hrs in the vicinity of Delft. If you wish to participate or you are interested in this project, please contact Natalya Rijk (SmartPort) tel. 010-4020346 or Caroline Schipper (Voltachem/TNO) tel. 06-21977015.


The final results of the project will be disseminated through a publicly accessible white-paper (expected early 2020), which will be discussed in a final workshop during the VoltaChem year event on December 11th. For more information about the VoltaChem year event, please visit this link. 


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