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05-06-2018 | New Project

New AMPERE project: call for participation in PEM-Electrolyzer knowledge transfer platform

In order to drive innovations within the PEM electrolytic technology, the organizations Hydron Energy, Fujifilm, PTG / e and ECN (part of TNO) will soon start the innovation project 'AMPERE' as part of the shared innovation program VoltaChem. The reason: PEM electrolyzers will play an essential role in hydrogen production, provided that the costs of the components decrease. To achieve results faster, one of the project goals is to set-up a PEM-Electrolyzer knowledge transfer platform from SME and industry pioneers as part of the VoltaChem community.

The Netherlands has a large potential for companies that can contribute to the component development of the PEM-electrolyzer.  At the moment these companies have no knowledge of the possibilities, nor do they have access to all kinds of test infrastructure. With the Advanced Materials for PEM-Electrolyzers Reducing Cost and Enhancing Life (AMPERE) project, the initiators want to establish an intensive and structural collaboration between the electrolytic manufacturers, knowledge institutes and Dutch suppliers of PEM electrolytic components.

Cost efficiency through innovation

The development of PEM electrolyzers is promising within the energy transition. Large-scale use of sustainable sources such as wind and sun is only possible if temporary surpluses can be stored or converted into other energy carriers. However, electrolysis is still too expensive for this. In the AMPERE project, the VoltaChem partners will take concrete steps in the cost-efficiency of this technology by jointly improving components such as membranes and catalysts.  To enable further steps in the intended cost objective for the PEM electrolytic technology, VoltaChem is looking for new innovative partners. Important is the transfer of knowledge, for example of the functional specifications for the most important components for PEM electrolyzers.  To facilitate the necessary crossover knowledge exchange, VoltaChem has the ambition to develop a low-threshold platform for component suppliers for testing and characterizing components for PEM electrolytes as part of the VoltaChem community.

Future scenario

In addition to a large-scale storage capacity of sustainable energy, hydrogen also offers plenty of opportunities for making the industry and transport more sustainable. Especially refineries and ammonia producers use hydrogen. Currently, this hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels. Within the Power-2-Hydrogen roadmap of VoltaChem, it has been identified that you can make a big impact in making the industry more sustainable if you can make it from sustainably produced electricity.

Distribution of roles

VoltaChem partner ECN coordinates the AMPERE project and has experience in testing small-scale PEM electrolyzers. Fujifilm in Tilburg and Polymer Technology Group Eindhoven (PTG / e) are companies that can develop innovative materials. Hydron Energy as an innovative Dutch developer of electrolytes will test the innovative components within the electrolytes.

Call for participation

The AMPERE project will run for two years. During these two years, the project members will cooperate in a new PEM-Electrolyser Knowledge Platform as part of the VoltaChem community.

SME and pioneering industrial companies interested to learn about opportunities in this field of PEM-electrolyser and to get updates regularly about developments are invited to join this new knowledge platform. You can play an important role in this technology development process by contributing, discussing and sharing insights, knowledge, and results. Creating a win-win situation for all participating members.

Kick-off meeting this autumn

The initial kick-off meeting of this new PEM knowledge platform will be planned autumn 2018. You can express your interest in this knowledge transfer platform until July 15.

For questions, more detailed information or just sign up for the PEM-Electrolyzer Knowledge Platform and kick-off meeting please send your mail to our team members: arend.degroot@tno.nl or Yvonne.vandelft@tno.nl  

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