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24-03-2019 | New Project | Event report | P2Hydrogen

Developing the electrolysis value chain to meet the opportunities of future hydrogen demand

On Tuesday, March 12, VoltaChem hosted the workshop ' Developing the supply chain for electrolyzers' at ECN∙TNO in Petten. It provided an outlook on the business opportunities for the European industry in the developing hydrogen market, and on the challenges to overcome in developing water electrolysis technology - especially regarding PEM electrolyzers. Some thirty participants from materials, technology and component suppliers had travelled to Petten, defying the chilly and windy March weather. They met in an open, collaborative atmosphere that spawned fruitful and stimulating discussion.

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04-09-2018 | New Project | Call4participation | P2Hydrogen

5M investment in state-of-the-art electrochemical research facilities

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) has recently granted 5 M€ to VoltaChem initiator TNO to invest in state-of-the-art research facilities in the field of electrochemistry and green hydrogen production technology. This new “Faraday Lab”, named after the 19th-century inventor renowned for his contributions to the electrochemistry, will be realized in Petten (The Netherlands). It will serve as one of the key infrastructural cornerstones of VoltaChem’s program line Power-2-Hydrogen.

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31-08-2018 | New Project | P2Chemicals

EC grants game-changing project on highly selective electro-synthesis

Together with several partners, VoltaChem has recently acquired a grant of 9 M€ for a 4-year innovation project in the field of selective electrochemical oxidations of bio-based feedstock. The aim of this project, named PERFORM, is to establish an open-access piloting platform for demonstration of paired electro-synthesis and integrated product recovery, resulting in 60% energy savings and 40% of emission reductions in biochemical processes. The project fits perfectly in VoltaChem’s Power-2-Chemicals program line and contributes to the goals of its industrial and academic partners.

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12-06-2018 | New Project | Call4participation | P2Hydrogen | P2Chemicals

Voltachem starts new interregional E2C project accelerating electrification and CO2 conversion

VoltaChem and partners from the 2 Seas region will join forces from 1 July in the new interregional project "Electrons to high-value chemical products (E2C project)". The cross-border project recently awarded by Interreg 2 Seas focuses on the conversion of CO2 into chemicals and fuels, using renewable electricity. The aim of this new consortium - consisting of 8 research partners and 29 industrial observers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England - is to accelerate the development and implementation of this Power-2-X and CO2 conversion technology. The project will run for 3.5 years and result in two pilot installations demonstrating the possibilities of Power-2-X technologies.

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05-06-2018 | New Project | Call4participation | P2Hydrogen

New AMPERE project: call for participation in PEM-Electrolyzer knowledge transfer platform

In order to drive innovations within the PEM electrolytic technology, the organizations Hydron Energy, Fujifilm, PTG / e and ECN (part of TNO) will soon start the innovation project 'AMPERE' as part of the shared innovation program VoltaChem. The reason: PEM electrolyzers will play an essential role in hydrogen production, provided that the costs of the components decrease. To achieve results faster, one of the project goals is to set-up a PEM-Electrolyzer knowledge transfer platform from SME and industry pioneers as part of the VoltaChem community.

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