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  • The Netherlands is considering using its platforms in combination with off-shore wind for hydrogen production. Additionally, gas and electricity network organizations are looking for the best future use of available infrastructure. Energy and emission-intensive industries in Northwestern Europe face severe challenges reducing industrial CO2-emissions. Energy in the form of hydrogen and electricity could potentially be transported through the gas grid and power grid, respectively. CCS and/or CCU for these locations need to be considered. CO2 could be transported via pipelines (obsolete pipelines from the existing gas grid) to the Dutch platforms and either stored in depleted natural gas reservoirs (CCS) or transformed with hydrogen generated by off-shore wind to chemicals or fuels. However, it is not certain that which form of infrastructural support is required to what extent for the individual industrial clusters to reach 50% and 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.


With 2050 in mind, “How will the need for decarbonization and the expected changes in energy and feedstock supply impact the industrial production activities in the clusters of North Western Europe considering the presence of existing infrastructure and industrial activities?” 


  • A merit order of industrial locations for decarbonization and use of renewable energy.
  • An order of magnitude estimate of the fixed and operating costs (of infrastructure).
  • List of gaps to investigate in a follow-up study

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