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Voltachem is working continuously on the development of electrification technologies in different projects under its four technology developments lines. A sample of finished projects of Voltachem is given below.


Currently the VoltaChem Community is working on the following projects. Please also take a look at our calls for participation.

If you consider to join the VoltaChem Community or have any questions, please contact our community manager Monique Rijkers. 


VoltaChem co-initiator ECN and Hydron Energy jointly work on the ELECTRE project to investigate how the performance over the life cycle of an electrolyser is affected by using renewable electricity. It is known that rapidly changing loads in a PEM electrolyser can accelerate degradation. The ELECTRE project will clarify to what extent such load-following operation decreases the life expectancy and what type of load-changes specifically impact the durability. The ultimate goal is to bring the cost of electrolysers down to the level where the hydrogen from renewable electricity becomes an attractive option for the chemical industry. The two partners have received a grant from the Topsector Energy to execute this research.

For more information about the ELECTRE project or VoltaChem's Power-2-Hydrogen Program Line please contact Yvonne van Delft.


VoltaChem has started three collaborative projects related to electrochemical CO2 utilization, converting the greenhouse gas CO2 into valuable products. These projects are focusing on different output products at different time horizons, but will all work on improving the business-case for CO2 conversion using renewable electricity by further developing electrochemical technology from the lab into the field. The products that are addressed are:

  1. formic acid
  2. carbon monoxide
  3. ethylene

These are all commodity chemicals that are currently being produced in the industry from fossil feedstock. These products can be considered key intermediates that are used for producing plastics, but also fuels. If these chemicals can be competitively made from CO2 and renewable electricity, then for sure the chemical industry will have a huge impact on fossil decarbonization!

Furthermore, VoltaChem continues to work on the direct electrochemical conversion of HMF to FDCA and hydrogen peroxide.

For more information about these projects or VoltaChem's Power-2-Chemicals Program Line, please contact Martijn de Graaff.

VoltaChem Community projects

To benefit its Community VoltaChem is currently working on:

  1. Further development and implementation of a generic tool for business cases assessments of Power-2-X options for community members and project activities.
  2. Detailed study on the technical potential of demand response for the different regulated domains (control layers of the electricity grid): primary control, secondary control and reserved capacity and the feasibility of demand response on the different power market places (imbalance, day ahead, intraday) and ancillary services for the grid.
  3. LCA tool box: Extension of existing LCA tool box for LCA for entire chain reviews on Power-2-X.
  4. Power to feedstock for the chemical industry, being a continuation of the E-match study with explicit focus on the short term options of Power-2-Hydrogen and its conversion routes as a feedstock  for the (petro) Chemical industry.

For more information about these projects or VoltaChem's Community, please contact Monique Rijkers.

Current calls for participation

Please also take a look at VoltaChem's current calls for participation.

The need for cooperation in trilateral infrastructure

The need for cooperation in trilateral infrastructure

Finished Projects | Power-2-Integrate

VoltaChem, together with Dechema, DVGW-EBI, VITO/EnergyVille and TNO conducted a high-level study on cross-border challenges and opportunities for a key industry in the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr (ARRRA) region: ammonia production.

System Supply Chain Model

System Supply Chain Model

Finished Projects | Power-2-Integrate

VoltaChem, together with partners from the VoltaChem Business Community, developed an easy-to-use and expandable model for comparing international supply chains for renewable energy carriers.

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