On track to PERFORM in integrated electro-synthesis

On track to PERFORM in integrated electro-synthesis


On January 24-25, the 9 M€ EU funded innovation project PERFORM was successfully kicked-off in Delft. Short for PowER platform, PERFORM aims at developing highly efficient and integrated electrochemical systems that can substantially improve sustainable production of valuable building blocks from bio-based feedstocks. VoltaChem contributes to PERFORM through the Power-2-Chemicals program line. C

‘When electrons power molecules’ congress; shows readiness for the next level in electrification!

‘When electrons power molecules’ congress; shows readiness for the next level in electrification!

09-01-2019 | Event report

On December 13th, 2018 an interesting international blend of participants of the chemical industry, energy sector and technology suppliers like researchers, business & site managers, R&D managers, business developers, technical suppliers, and policymakers joined the Voltachem Annual Event at the Industry & Energy Congress: ‘When Electrons Power Molecules'. This event - in cooperation with Indust


Workshop Power-2-Fuels: ”Fuel for thought”; a promising start by connecting perspectives

05-11-2018 | Event report

On September 6th Voltachem organized together with SmartPort and TNO the workshop Power-2-Fuels: “Fuel for thought”. This workshop, taking place in Delft, aimed to set the stage for the topic of Power-to-Fuels and see what role these fuels could play in the different transport sectors: heavy road transport, shipping, and aviation. Together with 19 different companies, ranging from fuel produce


5M investment in state-of-the-art electrochemical research facilities

04-09-2018 | New Project

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) has recently granted 5 M€ to VoltaChem initiator TNO to invest in state-of-the-art research facilities in the field of electrochemistry and green hydrogen production technology. This new “Faraday Lab”, named after the 19th-century inventor renowned for his contributions to the electrochemistry, will be realized in Petten (The Netherlan


EC grants game-changing project on highly selective electro-synthesis

31-08-2018 | New Project

Together with several partners, VoltaChem has recently acquired a grant of 9 M€ for a 4-year innovation project in the field of selective electrochemical oxidations of bio-based feedstock. The aim of this project, named PERFORM, is to establish an open-access piloting platform for demonstration of paired electro-synthesis and integrated product recovery, resulting in 60% energy savings and 40%


Additional investments boost industrial electrification R&D

30-08-2018 | Program update

An additional €2 million will be invested by TNO in its industrial electrification activities within VoltaChem on top of the existing yearly contribution. This increase is the result of additional government investments in applied research by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and a recognition of the importance of the subject and the results attained so far. The funds will be invested in ac

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