VoltaChem Annual Event 2017: Energized for action


From the opening speech until the drinks and informal discussions, the VoltaChem Annual Event 2017 was buzzing with energy. The prospect of massive amounts of offshore wind power enabling electrification and decarbonization of the chemical industry had brought an unanticipated large audience to the event. Main conclusion of the event was that we have to accelerate towards implementation through th


VoltaChem participant in Covenant Green Hydrogen Economy South Holland.


On Friday december 8th, VoltaChem’s co-founders TNO and ECN have signed a covenant on green hydrogen economy in South Holland as program participant. The regional program ‘Green Hydrogen Economy’ aims to further shape the green hydrogen economy in the province of South-Holland in general and on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee specifically. The covenant focuses on supporting collaboration in


First hydrogen wind turbine for sustainable fuel to be sited in the Netherlands


The world’s first hydrogen producing wind turbine is to become a reality in the Wieringermeer area at the start of 2019. This is the objective of a partnership formed between initiator and sustainable hydrogen supplier HYGRO, wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey and research institute and VoltaChem co-initiator ECN. The wind turbine will be producing hydrogen for the Duwaal project, the initiative


Port of Rotterdam sees opportunities for power to hydrogen


In 2030 additional wind turbines on the North Sea will result in some 70 gigawatt of installed generation capacity, some 12 gigawatt of which will be available to the Netherlands. This is such a significant proportion of total Dutch consumption that it offers opportunities for reducing CO2. At the same time, ever more applications for electricity, such as conversion into hydrogen, are emerging. Th


Innovation mission to Germany on the electrification of industry and Power-to-X


In September 2017, 75 Dutch, German and Flemish experts from the chemical and energy sector convened in Neuss in Germany to discuss the integration of renewable electricity in the chemical sector. Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem co-organised this innovation mission, that led to a lot of enthousiasm for international collaboration.


Indicative GHG-balance for formic acid as a hydrogen carrier in transport


One of the first outcomes of VoltaChem's Power to Formic Acid project is a study by CE Delft. In order to assess the sustainability merits of the application of formic acid in transport, this brief report describes an indicative greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint analysis, focussing on the GHG-emissions of the production and application life cycles.

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