Improving lifetime of electrolyzers to store energy using hydrogen


With a rapidly increasing share of renewable electricity, electricity generation will periodically be much higher than the demand. A recent European study confirms hydrogen as one of the more attractive options to store vast amounts of renewable energy. However, cost and lifetime of electrolyzers are important barriers to the large-scale implementation of this switchable capacity. Within VoltaChem


National Energy Report: turning point in energy transition


The increasing sustainability of the energy supply in the Netherlands is at a turning point. That is the conclusion of the National Energy Report 2015 presented by ECN. Discover what the energy situation is in the Netherlands and what must be done to achieve the objectives of the Energy Agreement.


Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem Launched


Thursday 1 October 2015, at the Dutch Topsector Chemicals Day, applied knowledge institutes TNO and ECN launch VoltaChem: a business-driven Shared Innovation Program that connects the chemical industry to the electricity sector and equipment suppliers. As from today companies can join VoltaChem's Community, and via the Community website it is easy for new partners to join the ongoing R&D program.


Changing from Thermal to Electrochemical Conversion


What are the benefits of changing from thermal conversion to electrochemical conversion for the chemicals industry? This is the question being investigated by VoltaChem's TNO. The first demonstration case concerns the conversion of HMF from biomass to FDCA, an important raw material for the chemicals industry.


New Brand Name Electrification of the Chemical Industry: VoltaChem


The 'Electrification of the Chemical Industry' program needed to get a recognizable and appealing brand name. After careful consideration we are proud to present the new brand name: VoltaChem! The name VoltaChem is built from two parts. ‘Volta’ is based on Alessandro Volta (1745-1827).

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