Large potential for production of green hydrogen in five Dutch industrial regions

01-07-2020 | P2Hydrogen

Large potential for production of green hydrogen in five Dutch industrial regionsPlenty of opportunities for large-scale green hydrogen production by means of industrial electrolysis of water exist in the Dutch industrial regions of Rotterdam, the North Sea Canal area, Geleen (Chemelot), Zeeland (North Sea Port) and the northern Netherlands. This follows from the first study results of ISPT's Hydrohub GigaWatt Scale Electrolyzer project, in which VoltaChem founding partner TNO participated.

In a webinar held on 30 June, the results were presented of the study revolving around the required space for a gigawatt-scale electrolysis plant, the required infrastructure, and the hydrogen demand at a large number of potential locations. Experts from industry, energy infrastructure and regional government of all five regions contributed to the study. Over the past two years, they convened regularly to map out the possibilities and requirements for gigawatt scale hydrogen production. This is the first time that such an inventory has been carried out on a national scale. 

Although the five clusters differ considerably on specific aspects, they all carry potential for large-scale production of green hydrogen. The study shows that a gigawatt hydrogen plant requires about 8 to 17 hectares, depending on the applied technology (alkaline or PEM) and the plot plan for the plant. That much space is available in all five regions. The study underpins the importance of the available infrastructure: For a total of 22 locations the proximity has been mapped to TenneT’s 380 kV electricity grid and Gasunie’s future backbone for the transport of hydrogen. Adding to this, an inventory was carried out of existing industrial facilities for water and gas treatment. Also the possibilities of utilising residual heat from hydrogen production were examined, for example for greenhouse horticulture or district heating networks. Finally, the local industrial need for green hydrogen was identified. 

The Hydrohub GigaWatt Scale Electrolyser project aims at bringing water electrolysis for hydrogen production to a scale that matters: the scale of gigawatts. VoltaChem founding partner TNO participated in phase one of this study, and is currenty participating in phase three of the study. You can read more about the phase 3-study here.

The public summary of the first study results can be found here.

Are you interested in the GigaWatt study? Please contact Lennart van der Burg, business development manager of Power-2-Hydrogen.

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