ReFuel: Establishing the potential of hydrogen production for waste incineration plants

25-03-2019 | New Project | P2Hydrogen

ReFuel: Establishing the potential of hydrogen production for waste incineration plantsIn a new study, the feasibility of hydrogen production by waste incineration plants will be investigated. The study, part of VoltaChem's Power-2-Hydrogen program line, focuses on the 'ReEnergy' waste incineration plant in Roosendaal. By using about a third of its 20 MW electrical power generation for the production of hydrogen, the plant could substantially contribute to facilitating the energy transition, particularly in the Roosendaal region.

As approximately half of the incinerated waste is biogenic (e.g. organic waste), around 53% in 2019 en 54% in 2018 of ReEnergy's electricity can be considered sustainable. The "ReFuel" study focuses on the conversion of this sustainable electricity to low-carbon hydrogen, transport fuels, and chemical raw materials.

Demonstration plant

The ultimate goal is to arrive at an industrial electrolysis demonstration plant capable of operating at a full load of 8000 hours per annum, which will minimize the influence of the capital expenditure for the electrolyzer. To achieve this the technology must first be tested on a pilot scale and the feasibility of the ReFuel concept must be demonstrated.

The study includes all customers and stakeholders, is coordinated by ECN part of TNO - co-initiator of VoltaChem - and is performed together with SUEZ, Engie, Odura and Sunfire. The focus is on:

  • identifying opportunities (establishing the advantages of the regional use of renewable power, CO2 and other products);
  • describing the value chain;
  • further elaboration of the business case; and
  • assessment of alternatives.

As case owners, SUEZ and Engie are responsible for the development of the value chain and the two companies will act as a knowledge party in the field of energy production and supply. ECN part of TNO and Sunfire are responsible for developing the technology. Together with SUEZ and Engie, Odura will approach the market and local stakeholders.

Transferable results

The results of the study of the ReEnergy plant in Roosendaal will be transferable to other projects involving a Waste-to-Energy plant and renewable electricity. The ReFuel1 project is part of the VoltaChem’s Power-to-Hydrogen Program Line, aimed at the development of low-cost electrolyzers. Regional developments on Power-to-Hydrogen like the ReFuel1 Project are important for VoltaChem to learn from and to translate this to the implementation of electrolyzers in industry.

More information?

We welcome all companies that are interested in participating in regional activities on Power-to-Hydrogen. We are more than happy to discuss opportunities for collaborative development. If you like to know more regarding this project or VoltaChem's Power-2-Hydrogen Program Line please contact Yvonne van Delft, Innovation Manager VoltaChem.


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