Smart integration strategies create viable business cases in electrochemical CO2 conversion

10-06-2019 | P2Chemicals

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Smart integration strategies create viable business cases in electrochemical CO2 conversionIn a recent article in the Dutch journal NPT Process Technology, VoltaChem scientists Anca Anastasopol and Earl Goetheer present an integrated process approach for electrochemical CO2 utilization. They argue that by combining technological building blocks in a smart way, viable business cases can already be created in the short term, truly moving ahead and changing the paradigm of CO2 being a waste.

In VoltaChem's program line Power-2-Chemicals, one of the focus areas is using renewable energy for the electrochemical synthesis of valuable chemicals from CO2. Technology developed in this field is in many cases not yet competitive with current industrial practice. However, as Anastasopol and Goetheer argue in NPT Procestechnologie, the business case of different technologies lies not so much in their individual performance, as in their systemic integration into coherent processes. With paired electrosynthesis and CO2 capture-conversion integration, they present two striking examples of process intensification strategies that significantly enhance the prospects for a viable business case.

You can find and download the article from our open publications library

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