Taking the next step in the integrated capture and conversion of CO2 to oxalic acid

02-03-2020 | New Project | P2Chemicals

Taking the next step in the integrated capture and conversion of CO2 to oxalic acidOn February 7th 2020 the kick-off was held for a new project of the VoltaChem program line Power-2-Chemicals. The Bio-cel project focuses on the integrated capture and electrochemical conversion of biogenic CO2 to oxalic acid. It is carried out with project partners DMT Environmental Technology, Mestverwerking Fryslan, Tielo-Tech, TNO, and TU Delft.

The two-year project aims at taking the next step in electrochemical conversion of CO2 by providing the design for an integrated capture and conversion process with efficient recovery of the solid oxalic acid product. In addition, the scale-up up of the electrochemical flow reactor will be investigated in terms of current density and production rate. 

The three key activities in the project are molecular simulations for screening of solvent-electrolyte combinations; experimental optimization of the combined CO2 capture and conversion step; and the overall integrated process design. In particular, two different integration concepts will be explored. The first concept focuses on sources with a high partial CO2 pressure, such as biogas, while the other concept is based on integration of capturing CO2 from flue gas. 

Towards industrial implementation

The project will also entail an analysis of the entire value chain of CO2 capture and CO2 utilization to produce oxalic acid. This will pave the way towards the commercialization of electrochemical conversion of CO2 into oxalic acid, a high-value product. 

Industrial implementation will contribute to CO2 mitigation as it avoids the emissions of the traditional production route based on fossil fuel. In the proposed process, per kilogram of oxalic acid approximately 2 kilogram of CO2 is consumed. In the long term, the research will contribute toward entirely sustainable chemical synthesis chains based on CO2 conversion products. Therefore, an exploration will be made to identify other products made from CO2 which can also benefit from this methodology.

Are you interested in these and other efforts in the VoltaChem program line Power-2-Chemicals? Please contact business development manager Willem Frens.

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