Strategy & Approach


VoltaChem pushes TRL 3-5 (research & innovation) towards TRL 5-7 (piloting and demonstration) in a collaborative program by advancing knowledge through collaboration with top-players in the field and by further developing this knowledge into pilots and demonstrators ready to be implemented in practice together with industry and regional clusters.

We aim to initiate and facilitate the collaborative development of technology and business models with relevant stakeholders to help move innovation in the field of industrial electrification and decarbonization faster towards commercial implementation. The program addresses both the indirect and direct use of electricity within the industry and works from a systemic point of view.

Innovation approach

VoltaChem adopts a multidisciplinary approach that brings together the entire value chain: R&D (institutions, universities), users (chemical, electricity) and suppliers (sub-components, equipment, and engineering). We work together with these stakeholders in the  chemical industry, electricity sector, and equipment suppliers through:

  • The Voltachem Business Community providing a platform with industrial peers for networking, road mapping, and agenda-setting;
  • Our coherent RD&I program where companies can get access to specific technology developments focusing on Power-2-Integrate, Power-2-Heat, Power-2-Hydrogen, and Power-2-Chemicals;
  • Regional pilot and demonstration activities in which we aim to show the value and business-case of electrification technologies in real life.

Combined business and technology perspective

The Voltachem shared innovation program is characterized by its combined business and technology perspective. This is materialized through business-related application areas and technology related program lines. Application areas offer guiding choices for the technology development in the program lines and are focused on the three most impactful chemical value chains: fuels, fertilizers, and plastics.

The key technology developments of VoltaChem are structured in four technology program lines: Power-2-Integrate, Power-2-Heat, Power-2-Hydrogen, and Power-2-Chemicals. Where program lines and application areas overlap, each intersection/innovation indicates its particular advancement along with the TRL levels from idea to commercial application.

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