Innovation mission to Germany on the electrification of industry and Power-to-X


In September 2017, 75 Dutch, German and Flemish experts from the chemical and energy sector convened in Neuss in Germany to discuss the integration of renewable electricity in the chemical sector. Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem co-organised this innovation mission, that led to a lot of enthousiasm for international collaboration.


Indicative GHG-balance for formic acid as a hydrogen carrier in transport


One of the first outcomes of VoltaChem's Power to Formic Acid project is a study by CE Delft. In order to assess the sustainability merits of the application of formic acid in transport, this brief report describes an indicative greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint analysis, focussing on the GHG-emissions of the production and application life cycles.


H2FUTURE project: use of renewable energy resources to produce hydrogen


VoltaChem co-initiator ECN is partner in the H2FUTURE project. This project will provide valuable insights in the field of using renewable energy resources to produce hydrogen. At the steel factory of Voestalpine in the Austrian city of Linz, one of the world’s largest and most cutting-edge electrolysis installation will arise. Siemens' Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis device, with a


Driving on CO2: VoltaChem scales up sustainable production of formic acid


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is best known for its contribution to global warming. Less known is that it can also function as a resource for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. For the next two years six partners in a consortium of Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem will collaborate in a project that aims to convert CO2 with the aid of sustainably produced electricity into large amounts of f


VoltaChem demonstrates continuous electrochemical FDCA production


Electrochemical oxidation towards high-value chemical products is one of the most interesting and promising applications of electrosynthesis on short term. Researchers from Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem have recently demonstrated a full continuous process for the conversion of biobased Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to FDCA, a key intermediate for bioplastics. With the results in hand, the next


VoltaChem welcomes Uniper as community member


Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem is pleased to welcome Uniper as a member to its community in the field of industrial electrification. ‎Muhammad Zubair, Project Manager Business Development at Uniper explains why the company decided to join.

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