Power to ammonia investigates storage of renewable energy in liquid ammonia


In the coming years, the supply of electricity from solar cells and wind turbines will increase significantly. In the summer, once in a while there will be a large supply of solar and wind energy and in the winter at times a much smaller supply. Therefore large-scale storage of renewable electricity is needed. At the beginning of 2016 a Dutch consortium of companies, universities and research orga


Ammonia offers key to sustainable future


The Power-2-Ammonia project, in which VoltaChem partner ECN participates was recently covered by the Dutch NPT Procestechnologie magazine.


Water + air + electricity = hydrogen peroxide


Decentralised production of hydrogen peroxide from water, air and electricity. The feasibility of this approach has been demonstrated within the VoltaChem Shared Innovation Programme. The improved concept of the electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide is more environmentally friendly, and reduces hazards. Four questions for TNO’s Roel Bisselink about the technology, its relevance and the


VoltaChem: Chemical industry plugs in


Electrification offers the Dutch chemical industry tremendous opportunities according to the white paper drawn up by the industry-wide VoltaChem innovation program. Is the chemical industry plugging in? Is it possible?


Formic acid, the new energy carrier


VoltaChem Community Member Coval Energy has published a study entitled “Formic Acid as Energy Carrier through Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide”. The main objective of the study - that is exclusively available for VoltaChem community members - is to investigate how formic acid can be used as an energy carrier.


VoltaChem’s ELECTRE project covered in Process Control Magazine


This month VoltaChem's ELECTRE project is covered in Process Control Magazine. The aim of the project is to investigate how the performance over the life cycle of an electrolyser is affected by using renewable electricity.

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