Electrification of the Chemical Industry


VoltaChem is a business-driven Shared Innovation Program that connects the electricity sector to the chemical industry. New technologies are developed and implemented that focus on the conversion of renewable energy from solar and wind to heat, hydrogen and chemicals. VoltaChem serves and works with the industry to strengthen its competitive position and that of suppliers.               Download VoltaChem's Infosheet


We initiate and facilitate collaborative development of technology and business models with the aim of moving innovation faster towards commercial implementation. The program incorporates the entire value chain and addresses both the indirect and direct use of electricity within the chemical industry. Applied knowledge institutes TNO and ECN, together with industrial and academic partners, founded VoltaChem at the request of The Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Topsector Chemicals.

Cost Savings, Innovative Technologies & Sustainability

With more solar and wind energy being produced, sustainable electricity supply in North West Europe is constantly increasing. This source of energy might be exactly what the chemical industry needs to enhance its competitive position. The supply of sustainable energy offers numerous opportunities to develop new, high-value products and lowers the carbon footprint of production.

Also the energy sector will benefit by more stable electricity supply. This creates great potential to establish a frontrunner position, especially in areas where the chemical industry and the electricity sector come together, as new capacity is planned at locations where extensive industrial process infrastructure is present, such as the Delta Areas.


Linking Sustainable Electricity Supply to Energy Demand in Chemical Sector 

Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem supports the electricity and chemical sector to find collaborative business opportunities and address their challenges with respect to energy use, efficiency and selectivity together. We work closely with industry and academia on:

  1. Developing business-cases for industrial electrification in the short- and long-term.
  2. Performing collaborative applied R&D.
  3. Bringing technologies into industrial practice by pilot/demo activities.
  4. Work on fundamental research questions together with top academic players.

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