Whitepaper: Electrification offers chemistry a sustainable and profitable future


Electrification of the chemical industry offers opportunities to reduce its CO2 footprint and become more competitive. This is the firm opinion of various representatives from the European chemical industry and the energy sector. In the recent white paper “Empowering the chemical industry – Opportunities for electrification” different electrification routes were investigated and a detailed t


Electrification of chemical production: collaboration is key


Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem, initiated by TNO, ECN, Topsector Chemistry, Ministry of Economic Affairs and several companies, connects the electricity sector to the chemical industry in order to develop and implement new technologies for the conversion of renewable energy to heat, hydrogen and chemicals. Both sectors met on 17th March 2016 at the second annual VoltaChem conference.


Just add hydrogen to remove CO2 from biogas


Biogas from biomass gasification or fermentation contains considerable amounts of CO2. When using this to produce SNG, this needs to be removed, leading to a considerable energy penalty. But there is an alternative by adding hydrogen from electrolysis using renewable electricity. Then the CO2 and hydrogen react to produce methane, adding to the SNG production. An effect well known from thermodynam


Making valuable products from CO2 with sustainable energy


One of the grand challenges for Europe in the next decades is to guarantee a sustainable supply of energy that is reliable and affordable. There is also great potential in energy carriers and other materials from CO2, with many challenges to overcome. VoltaChem's co-initiator TNO has evaluated the techno-economic aspects of these technologies together with the University of Twente and will continu


Energy transition Japan proves to be valuable benchmark for strategy of The Netherlands


In March 2016 VoltaChem participated in a mission to Japan on the subject of chemical conversion and storage. The aim was to conduct technology factfinding and to benchmark Japan in comparison with The Netherlands. The energy transition in Japan proved to be a valuable benchmark for the strategy of The Netherlands.


VoltaChem’s Annual Event 2016: movie & pictures


Thursday 17 March VoltaChem organized its yearly event on the electrification of the chemical industry. Over 100 participants were present in the Energy Barn in Groningen to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges.

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