When & why Power-2-Heat?


There are two reasons why you should consider to drive your thermal processes using electricity. One, often mentioned is to profit from low electricity prices during periods with a high supply of electricity and a low demand. The technology that is providing the heat should be able to respond quickly and will operate only during a limited number of hours. The other reason is to shift your processe


VoltaChem gets off to a great start


VoltaChem is an innovation program enabling chemical companies and the electricity sector to make substantial reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. VoltaChem is encouraging businesses to join the VoltaChem Community. The level of interest shown has meant that the program was able to get off to a great start.


VoltaChem calls for participation: electrocatalytic production of chemicals


Over the last months Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem has been busy developing technical roadmaps and business cases for electrification opportunities in the chemical industry and with applying for innovation funds to secure its groundbreaking research. Currently VoltaChem offers several opportunities for global leaders in the fields of electricity, conversion, equipment and end products to par


VoltaChem project to match processes with electrification technologies started


VoltaChem, together with partners Arkema, OCI Nitrogen, AkzoNobel, Dow, Stedin, has recently started the E-Match project: 'Hit list for Electrification; Matching Processes with Electrification Technologies'. The project aims at identifying those processes in the Netherlands most suitable for electrification.


Improving lifetime of electrolyzers to store energy using hydrogen


With a rapidly increasing share of renewable electricity, electricity generation will periodically be much higher than the demand. A recent European study confirms hydrogen as one of the more attractive options to store vast amounts of renewable energy. However, cost and lifetime of electrolyzers are important barriers to the large-scale implementation of this switchable capacity. Within VoltaChem


National Energy Report: turning point in energy transition


The increasing sustainability of the energy supply in the Netherlands is at a turning point. That is the conclusion of the National Energy Report 2015 presented by ECN. Discover what the energy situation is in the Netherlands and what must be done to achieve the objectives of the Energy Agreement.

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