Key Insight #2: A pivotal role for renewable methanol

Key Insight #2: A pivotal role for renewable methanol

31-01-2023 | P2Integrate

Renewable methanol will play a significant role to reduce our carbon emissions to zero by 2050. VoltaChem researchers conducted an analysis of the potential of renewable methanol as a circular carbon platform in the production of fuels, plastics and proteins in the Netherlands.

Decarbonization and recarbonization

Decarbonization and recarbonization

07-11-2019 | Program update

The theme of the 2019 VoltaChem annual event is “Re-carbonizing the Chemical Industry by Electrification”. At VoltaChem's 5th anniversary, it brings to attention the importance of carbon, a key element in many products. Since we can't do without carbon, recarbonization is a crucial concept for realizing a sustainable economy.


Additional investments boost industrial electrification R&D

30-08-2018 | Program update

An additional €2 million will be invested by TNO in its industrial electrification activities within VoltaChem on top of the existing yearly contribution. This increase is the result of additional government investments in applied research by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and a recognition of the importance of the subject and the results attained so far. The funds will be invested in ac


Connecting electrification technology to chemical value chains

15-06-2018 | Program update

To better suit the needs of the market and accelerate innovation, VoltaChem has decided to complement its technologically oriented activities with a focus on the three most impactful chemical value chains: Fuels, Fertilizers and Plastics. To engage these value chains, our business development focus will be on addressing the most crucial questions and drivers in each of these application areas. For


Dutch electrification scenarios show disruptive change in CO2 emissions and electricity use

28-05-2018 | Project results

Industrial electrification is an important route for decarbonising the Dutch industry. Until now, it has been unclear what the potential of implementing innovative electrification options is regarding CO2 emissions and energy use in 2050. For that reason, VoltaChem, together with researchers from the renowned Wuppertal Institute in Germany, has developed three independent electrification scenarios


VoltaChem community increases understanding of strategic and business opportunities

04-03-2018 | Community

In 2018 the VoltaChem Community will further focus on understanding the business and strategic relevance of industrial electrification on short- and long-term to help members and stakeholders make the right decisions. Multiple events will be organized for our members, some together with other initiatives, and dedicated bilateral advice will be given based on the latest international insights in te

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